Illegal Stick - Stick Measurement

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DEFINITION: Players must use legal sticks that conform to IIHF standards.
i. The captain of a team may request a stick measurement at any stoppage of play. If the measurement determines a stick to be illegal, the offending player will be assessed a minor penalty and the stick will be returned to the players’ bench by the referee.
ii. The player whose stick is to be measured must be in possession of the stick at the time of the request. He may be on the bench or on the ice, but the referee must make visual confirmation that the stick in question belongs to the player.
iii. If the measurement determines that the stick is legal, the team requesting the measurement will be assessed a bench-minor penalty for delay of game. The penalty must be served by anyone on the ice at the time the measurement was requested.
iv. There is no limit to the number of stick-measurement requests a team may make in a game, but only one measurement per stoppage of play is allowed and by only one team.
v. If a player refuses to surrender his stick or destroys his stick or any part of his equipment for measurement when requested to do so by the referee, this equipment will be regarded as illegal and the player will be assessed a minor and misconduct penalty.
vi. A stick measurement can be requested after a goal in regulation time, but if the stick is deemed illegal the goal will still be allowed. The same rule applies for overtime and the penalty-shot shootout.