Illegal Hit (Women)

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DEFINITION – In women’s hockey, a player is not allowed to deliver a bodycheck to an opponent.
i. An illegal hit in women’s hockey refers to bodychecking an opponent.
ii. A player who bodychecks an opponent will be assessed one of: (1) a minor penalty; (2) a major penalty and automatic game-misconduct penalty; (3) a match penalty.
iii. A player who injures or recklessly endangers an opponent by body- checking will be assessed either a major penalty and automatic game-misconduct penalty or a match penalty.
iv. If two players are in pursuit of the puck, they are reasonably allowed to push and lean into each other provided that possession of the puck remains the sole object of the two players.
v. If two or more players are fighting for possession of the puck, they are not allowed to use the boards to make contact with an opponent to eliminate her from the play, push her into the boards, or pin her along the boards. All of these actions indicate an absence of interest in gaining possession of the puck.
vi. A player who is stationary is entitled to that area of the ice. It is up to the opponent to avoid body contact with such a player. If that player is stationed between the opponent and the puck, the opponent is obliged to skate around the stationary player.
vii. If a player with the puck is skating directly at an opponent who is stationary, it is the obligation of the puck carrier to avoid contact. But, if the puck carrier does make every effort to avoid contact and the opponent moves into the puck carrier, that opponent will be assessed a minor penalty for bodychecking.