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DEFINITION: A player who uses his stick to impede the progress or interfere with an opponent, with or without the puck.
i. A player who hooks an opponent will be assessed at least a minor penalty.
ii. There are four common methods of hooking:
1. A player who hooks the arm, hand, or glove of an opponent who is about to make a pass or take a shot;
2. A player who makes contact with any part of an opponent’s body using his stick during a one-on-one competition for the puck;
3. A player who uses his stick against an opponent’s body to prevent an opponent from maintaining puck possession;
4. A player who uses his stick to prevent an opponent from skating freely.
iii. A player who injures or recklessly endangers an opponent by hooking will be assessed either a major penalty and automatic game-misconduct penalty or a match penalty.

Quelle: www.iihf.com