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DEFINITION: A stick that is not fully intact, has a broken blade or shaft, or is no longer whole is considered broken and, as such, illegal.
i. A player must drop a broken stick immediately. If he participates in game action with a broken stick he will be assessed a minor penalty.
ii. A skater who uses a goaltender’s stick during game action will be assessed a minor penalty.
iii. A player whose stick is broken is forbidden to receive a stick thrown onto the ice from either the players’ bench or from a spectator, but he may receive a stick from a teammate on the ice at the time without having to proceed to his players’ bench to obtain a new one. This exchange, however, must be made hand-to-hand. A teammate who throws, tosses, slides, or shoots a stick to him will be assessed a minor penalty.
iv. Rule 120-iii includes situations where a skater has lost an intact stick and a teammate is trying to get it to him.
v. At no time is a skater allowed to grab an opponent’s stick: (1) from an opponent on ice who may either be holding the stick or who may have dropped it to the ice; (2) from an opponent sitting on his players’ bench; (3) from the stick rack at the opponent’s bench. Any violation of this rule will result in a minor penalty.
vi. A skater who participates in game action while taking a replacement stick to a skater or goaltender will be assessed a minor penalty.
vii. If a player receives a stick during game action from a teammate in the penalty box, the player receiving the stick will be assessed a minor penalty.
viii. A skater who does not have a skater’s stick in his hands may still participate in game action.